How the exporter fits into the ecosystem to provide the translated metrics.


Overview of the solution’s architecture.

In order for the Rusty AWS CloudWatch Exporter do its purpose a whole ecosystem of AWS Components need to be setup so that the metrics arrive to it in the expected manner.

AWS CloudWatch Stream

The CloudWatch Stream is the source component. It is the way provided by AWS to export metrics to other systems as they are generated.

AWS Kinesis Firehose Delivery Stream

The Kinesis Firehose works as the aggregator of metrics coming from the metric stream in order to minimize the number of requests hitting the Rusty CloudWatch Exporter.

This will introduce some delay but it can be tuned with different configuration options.

Operating Costs

The operating costs will depend on several factors:

  • The number of metrics being processed and how frequently are they being updated
  • The location where the exporter is running and how Firehose is able to reach it
  • The region where all the services are running

For a more in-depth explanation you can read this article.