Rusty AWS CloudWatch Exporter

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Properly export AWS CloudWatch Metrics into Prometheus

Aimed at Prometheus and AWS Users

Rusty AWS CloudWatch Exporter makes it possible to integrate CloudWatch generated metrics into any system that scrapes a Prometheus endpoint.

It makes emphasis on making those metrics as usable as possible through semantic translation. Rather than performing a one-to-one mapping like existing solutions, it transforms them into counters, gauges and summaries based on their meaning.

Simple Licensing

An annual license that enables you to run as many instances as needed without any usage quotas. License validation is done locally and no upstream connectivity is needed. Contact Us for pricing inquiries.

Minimal Latency

By leveraging AWS CloudWatch Streams, the delay between the metric is generated by AWS and the time it is processed is minimized.

Metric Tagging

Provides resource info metrics enabling the enrichment of the base metrics by leveraging the AWS API.

Self-Hosted and Managed

The tool doesn’t communicate with external 3rd-party services throughout its operation - the only external communication needed is to Amazon’s AWS API to get resource information.

By not communicating with an external service and not adding an unnecessary external dependency, we are giving control to you while reducing risk. Risk is reduced as your data stays on your infrastructure the whole time while also not relying on an external service for its availability.